What Happens When Pesticides And Heavy Metals Gang Up?
Pesticide Toxicity
There is no question that chemical pesticides are hard for your body to process. They hang around and cause all sorts of difficulties. They can mimic hormones tricking the body into behaving in unexpected ways. They can cause asthma, autism, chronic kidney disease,  diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all manner of cancers. 

However, many of these chemical cocktails also contain heavy metals. In fact, Science Direct found that 22 pesticide compounds that contain multiple heavy metals.
The "active" substance may not be even the most toxic substance in the pesticide "cocktail". Many other toxins generally go into the pesticides commonly used on crops today.

Furthermore, for all the known toxicity of Glyphosate, in terms of damage to the human body, it is the baby sister to many of the other chemicals used on our food supply. 
Heavy Metals Toxity
Heavy metals include arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead, and nickel. Individually these metals create havoc in the body. Some of the problems that occur when humans ingest or inhale heavy metals can lead to tremors, headaches, infertility, mental “fog”, anxiety, depression, memory problem, deteriorating eye health, poor kidney function, digestive problems, and poor immune function.

Normally when regulatory agencies set limits for toxic substances in products that impact public health, the limit is set for the individual toxic substance. The theory is based on the idea that a little of a toxic substance won’t really cause problems for human health. It is unfortunate that, in fact, this theory does not take into account the long term effects and toxic build up of multiple exposures. But that’s not the worst of it. When toxic substances are used in combination the effects are amplified over that of singular exposure.

According to a recent study it is not accurate to consider the singular effect when toxins are present in combinations. “Finally, we tested if other elements that could participate in toxic or endocrine effects were present in the formulations. Unexpectedly, arsenic (As), cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni) and lead (Pb) were present in numerous pesticide formulations, at levels well above admissible ones in water. We discuss why it appears erroneous to calculate the ADIs based on only one chemical of the formulations used in agriculture or gardens.”

The following chart is from the study. Perhaps the most significant information is showing heavy metals levels in the pesticides with a red line indicating the legally permissible level in water. This means that many of the pesticides used on our food, plants, and yard are highly toxic with long term health implications that are devastating!
Find Out What You Are Eating!
It is important to put some of the pieces together here. When studies are done they often look at a minute piece of the puzzle, leaving us (the readers of the studies) to put the information in perspective. So the biggest take-away here is to avoid whenever possible products that have likely been exposed to pesticides and heavy metals. Remember that your exposure to these toxic substances may be over time so if you say to yourself, “I’ll be okay because I was exposed to heavy metals last year and pesticides this year.” You are not fully understanding that these toxins build up in the body and require special care to properly detox. Without specific detoxification, that will hang around in the body and significantly contribute to debilitating symptoms and diseases.
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